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Stop paying to search for your material needs! AIDC/Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation has readily available a broad range of aerospace materials meeting the highest standards in the aerospace industry.

In addition to material available from our stock, AIDC has entered into arrangements with a host of foreign sources securing the most competitive pricing and delivery lead-times available. So if you do not see the material you require, please contacting us with your material inquiry with absolutely no obligation whatsoever. Upon hearing from you a professional sales representative will provide to you all relevant information for your purchase decision and when you are ready to order, simply send us your purchase order and we'll do the rest.

It's that simple so why wait and contact us today! The AIDC/Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation has targeted the highest quality and most reliable sources of supply and sales both domestic and foreign and has aggressively pursued entering business arrangements. If you are interested in participating with AIDC as either a seller or buyer, please contact us with a brief description of products or services you are most interested. To contact us with your material inquiries or how you can advertise on our web site, please direct your inquiries to Sue Chung via her email address: suechung@ms.aidc.com.tw.


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Record 581 to 600 / total: 620
# ITEM Part No. NSN Material Alloy Spec Thickness Width Length Stock Unit
1 581 NAS514P1032-9 SCREW 40 EA
2 582 NAS514P440-8P 5305000526763 SCREW,MACHINE 6 EA
3 583 NAS514P632-10 SCREW 50 EA
4 584 NAS514P632-8 SCREW 80 EA
5 585 NAS514P832-12 5305005158222 SCREW 36 EA
6 586 NAS514P832-14P SCREW 8 EA
7 587 NAS514P832-8 SCREW 175 EA
8 588 NAS601-15B 5305011718082 SCREW 40 EA
9 589 NAS601-26B SCREW 5 EA
10 590 NAS601-9B 5305000637358 SCREW 20 EA
11 591 NAS602-9B SCREW 16 EA
12 592 NAS6206-64D BOLT 10 EA
13 593 NAS6303-16 5306013845318 BOLT 28 EA
14 594 NAS6303-18 BOLT 18 EA
15 595 NAS6303-8 5306006877706 BOLT, SHEAR 18 EA
16 596 NAS6303-9 5306003404715 BOLT 11 EA
17 597 NAS6304U16D BOLT 40 EA
18 598 NAS75-3-004 3120005161808 BUSHING 10 EA
19 599 NAS77A4-020N 3120010623421 BUSHING 15 EA
20 600 NAS77A4-030P 3120005546352 BUSHING 27 EA
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