Integrated Logistics Support

The focus of Integrated Logistics Support is to provide weapon systems and major equipment with logistic support service including total life cycle RMS logistics engineering research and analysis, logistics support analysis (LSA), support equipment planning and procurement, personnel training, technical orders/manuals, provision support, facilities planning, logistics management information and maintenance support, and through which to assist our customers achieve the objectives of high reliability, high availability and low maintenance cost.
DMS (Diminishing Manufacturing Sources) management service is a long-term investment and we have obtained some significant outcomes along with the establishment of the DMS Processing Center in Aircraft Maintenance & Avionics Division in AIDC.DMS processing center has been assisting customers with part-sources searching, alternative part assessment, circuit board development and manufacturing, and system upgrade.
We have applied our expertise to the IDF and the AT-3 of ROC Air Force; Clouded Leopard armored vehicles and ordnance of ROC Army; Taiwan Railways and MRT Systems of Taipei and Kaohsiung.