Good Faith and Integrity Policy

The Commitments of AIDC's Chairperson:

  1. We will obey the law, act in good faith and perform with integrity. The members of the Board and Management will not engage in bribery, giving or accepting gifts, favors, commissions, or any wrongdoing against integrity.
  2. All AIDC's suppliers are required to comply with this policy. Any one reporting to AIDC's Department of Ethics and Security the misconduct of AIDC’s personnel will be protected with his/her name remaining concealed and ensured free from retaliation.

Contact:Terry Lin, Senior Manager/the Dept. of Ethics and Security,

Good Faith and Integrity Policy-signed by AIDC's Chairperson

Announcement of Good Faith and Integrity Policy by AIDC's President

AIDC's codes or regulations related to Good Faith and Integrity

  1. The Code of Ethical Conduct for Management of AIDC
  2. The Best Practice Principles for Ethical Corporate Management of AIDC
  3. AIDC's Procedures for Handling Material Inside Information

AIDC Code of Business Conduct

       The Form for Reporting Occurrence of Ethics Related Affair