Energy Business

In Taiwan AIDC is the first company which has the capacities of system integration/control of gas turbine generator sets and whole plant planning/design. Additionally AIDC has provided the turnkey services of biogas power plant and energy plant development to meet the requirement from domestic and foreign customers.

Cogeneration plant and gas turbine generator set engineering services:

  1. According to customer demand, conduct the site survey of electricity generator sets.
  2. Provide project plans and proposals, plant planning and design, heat balance calculation and selection of waste heat boilers.
  3. Provide equipment specification and engineering design.
  4. Provide detailed design, project management, construction, testing & verification, and maintenance services.

Whole power plant construction and gas turbine generator set package development services:

  1. Provide flow field analysis, air and oil systems, ventilation systems, and fire protection system design.
  2. Provide parallel connection of electrical system, wiring and installation of electrical cable rack/junction box/pipeline, etc.
  3. Provide foundation analysis and installation, pressure analysis of enclosures and acoustic analysis.
  4. Provide system real-time simulation, process control, system monitoring, auxiliary machine system control and integration, power plant power system management, etc.

Power Management System Planning and Design Services:

  1. Provide real-time display of power system electricity and load conditions.
  2. Provide contract capacity/power management, post data analysis and internet browsing power statistics to reduce the customer's electricity costs.
  3. According to customer requirements, provide customerlized and remote monitoring.