TFE1042 Turbofan Engine (1982 ~ 1998)

The Company and AlliedSignal of the United States (Incorporated in 2000 with Honeywell Honeywell Inc.) formed a joint venture in 1982 to set up ITEC. Both parties jointly developed the TFE1042 turbo-fan engine based on the design specifications of the U.S. military and adopted modular design, All-digital electronic control, as well as hot and cold section of the other parts of the dismantling interval is divided into 2,000 and 4,000 hours and other characteristics, and the actual flight IDF fighter validation test, in full compliance with the requirements of a new generation of advanced light fighter propulsion system, access to the US military attention And give the official F125 number.
TFE1042 engine has a maximum afterburning thrust of 9,250 lbs (41.1KN) and a weight of 1,360 lbs (617 kg). The whole project has been developed since 1982, mass-produced in 1990 and mass-produced by the end of 1998, producing a total of 325 engines.