CT7 turboshaft engine (1997 ~)

In line with Sikorsky Sikorsky S-92 program, the United States singular GE company CT7-6 and CT7-T6E two-based engine, developed CT7-6D and CT7-8 two-type turboshaft engine, respectively, used in S-92C (civilian) and S-92IU (military) two helicopters. However, in order to meet the market demand, the original CT7-6D engine (civil) will be replaced by a larger horsepower CT7-8 (military) replaced by the Company's parts for the CT7-6D and CT7-8 two types The common parts. CT7-8 turboshaft engine for S-92 military and civilian dual-use helicopters, each S-92 helicopter uses two engines, the basic performance is as follows:
  • Maximum cruising power -1,450 shaft horsepower (SHP)
  • Single-engine output power -1,800 shaft horsepower (SHP)
  • Start-up mode - Auxiliary power system
  • Control System - Two-way all-digital electronic control