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Taiwanese leading aviation company AIDC had made outstanding achievement again!

During Paris Airshow in France on June 17, 2013 , AIDC signed a contract with Roll-Royce for the BR710 Engine Combustor, Rear Outer Case. The contract signing ceremony was conducted by the RR representative Mr. Frank Haselbach, Acting Executive, VP and the AIDC representative Mr. Tony Liou (VP & GM), with the witness of the AIDC Chairman, Mr. Jason Liu. For this new business, AIDC is expected to contribute to the estimated revenue from 2013 thru 2022 in an amount of approx. $15.6M USD.
The UK firm RR is one of the top five engine manufacturers in the world, and stands firmly the first class in the wide-body aircraft engine market. Considering the growing engine market, RR selected AIDC as the V2500 engine front split casing supplier since from year 2004 and AIDC have become a strategy partner with RR from year 2009. Now, RR and AIDC are cooperating for the concurrent engineering program of Trent XWB Engine which will be a new application serviced on the Airbus A350.