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Taiwanese leading aviation company AIDC International Headlines again!

During Paris Airshow in France on June 18, 2013 , AIDC signed a contract with GE Aviation for the LEAP 1B engine case manufacturing business. The contract signing ceremony was conducted by the GE Aviation representative Mr. Daryl Mueller, Strategy Leader of Global Sourcing , and the AIDC representative Mr. Tony Liou (VP & GM), with the witness of the GE Aviation GM, Global Sourcing, Mrs. Melissa Twiningdavis.
The US firm GE Aviation is a top five global engine manufacturer and stands firmly as the first class in the commercial aircraft engine market. Considering the growing engine market, GE Aviation assigned AIDC with the CFM56 engine casing business since the beginning of year 1997. The LEAP 1B engine will substitute the most popular CFM56 engine series and is applicable to the Boeing 737 next generation commercial planes. AIDC has announced the new LEAP business is expected to contribute to the estimated revenue from 2013 thru 2017 in an amount of approx. $20M USD.
GE Aviation is an important customer to AIDC. Both parties have a long standing business relationship. In addition to the CFM56, CF34, CF6, GP7200, GE90-115B and GEnx engine components manufacturing business initiated in early stages, AIDC has also established new business with the GE Aviation for new generation engines including the recent Passport 20 & LEAP engine concurrent engineering programs. Through closer collaborations with GE Aviation in areas of design, development and manufacturing, AIDC expects to maintain the trend of business growth with GE Aviation. Now that the LEAP 1B engine contract has been signed, it proves once again the Taiwanese aviation industry capability has worldwide recognition.