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Taiwanese leading aviation company AIDC International Headlines again!

"Taiwanese leading aviation company AIDC International Headlines again! AIDC signed a contract with Honeywell on Nov 14, 2013. The business contain 50 engine assemblies and parts of HTF series, TFE 731, TPE 331, APU, ATS, etc.. The term of this contract shall run for the period of 10 years, and an estimated total revenue NT$7 billion .The contract signing ceremony was conducted, and the AIDC representative Mr. Tony Liou (VP & GM) with the witness AIDC President Mr. Butch Hsu were present.
AIDC will continue to manufacture parts for Honeywell propulsion system include HTF 7250, 7350 and 7500 engines, and parts of propulsion system for TFE731、TPE331、APU、ATS.
Now that the LTC contract has been signed, AIDC will continue looking for the closely relationship under the long-term cooperation to improve quality, cost and delivery performance for the customers. It will enhance the international competitiveness in the aerospace industry."