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AIDC Signed Contracts Valued 7.4 Billion US Dollars in Paris Air Show

AIDC Chairman Anson Liao led a delegation to participate in the Paris Air Show. It has been a decade apart since AIDC’s last appearance in this air show. AIDC signed sales contracts respectively with GE and Rolls Royce totaling 7.4 billion U.S. dollars.

AIDC Chairman Anson Liao and Colleen Athans, VP of GE Global Supply Chain, signed orders for LEAP that will infuse 7 billion U.S. dollars of revenue in 4 years. LEAP will replace the CFM56 engine installed on the A320neo and the B737 MAX.

GE has been strategically important customer of AIDC for many years. GE/AIDC scope of cooperation involves CFM56, CF34, CF6, GP7200, GE90-115B, GEnx parts subcontract, and CT7 RSP. AIDC has recently participated in the development on the new generation GE9X, Passport 20 and LEAP engine toward possible expanding business relations and collaborations. Such collaborations allow AIDC to advance capabilities in design, development, and manufacturing with the latest aviation products.

Meanwhile, the AIDC Deputy Director of Aero Engine, Arthur Wang signed contracts for the Trent 1000 SAGB Gear Box and the BR700-NG engine casing with Norbert Amdt, Rolls Royce Executive Vice President of Structures and Transmissions. These two contracts will bring AIDC revenue of 393 million NT dollars in a 13 year period.
AIDC has been a subcontractor of this British giant maker of wide body aero engines since 2004 fabricating the V2500 front casing, and became Rolls Royce’s strategic partner in 2009. To fulfill the thriving market demand of the Trent XWB, AIDC had started construction of the 3rd case line in February 2015 which is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year and start manufacturing in the 2Q of 2016.

As for the exhibition, AIDC showcased 52 items, mostly self-developed and high-precision fabricated aerostructures and engine parts in two categories; aero engines and composite materials. The demonstration also included components manufactured for A380 and B-787. In addition to the parts display, business meetings and visits were conducted with the global prestigious aircraft makers for future business development.

While receiving an interview by CNA News and CTI Television, AIDC Chairman Anson Liao mentioned that AIDC has been working with MITAC on the MRJ development and manufacturing. The aircraft currently has 400 shipsets in order. The MRJ program provides valuable experience for AIDC’s transition from an OEM to ODM role.

In the Paris Air Show, AIDC retained its exposure in the global arena of the aviation industry and received information on the newest trends of technologies and investment interests through face to face interaction with the key players of the industry, aiming for better products and better service to better assure the needs of the international global aviation community.