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GE Volunteers and TFCF Children Enjoy Aviation Tour


General Electric (GE) and its best supplier – Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation - held the “Blue Sky 4 Dreams” aviation camp activity on Aug. 21.

Children from the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF) Taoyuan Branch accompanied by GE and AIDC volunteers visited AIDC and came into close contact with several airplanes on static display. TFCF children enjoyed a unique aviation experience that expanded their vision.

On Aug. 21 last year, AIDC transformed from a state-owned enterprise into a listed company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, and this year by holding the public welfare activity on the anniversary carries great significance. For the past years GE has held the one-day aviation camps for disadvantaged children and this is the first time GE invited AIDC to join in. While both AIDC and GE are dedicated to fulfilling their corporate social responsibility, it is hoped that this activity will inspire the children’s interest and learning more of aviation.

Both AIDC Chairman Anson Liao and IDF chief test pilot K.M. Wu were retired ROC Air Force pilots and they showed up in pilot flight suits and shared interesting stories with all the children and volunteers.

To familiarize the children with the development of aviation industry, AIDC arranged a series of activities: video introduction of the IDF from assembly, testing to flight test; tour of aircraft and engine parts in product display room; and tour of the aircraft built by AIDC including the PL-1 trainer, T-CH-1 basic trainer, XC-2 transport, XAT-3 advanced trainer, the tiger-striped Tiger 2000 F-5E fighter, IDF prototype aircraft; and the G-100 typhoon surveillance aircraft. As the aircraft tour attested to the evolution of our aviation industry, many children and GE volunteers were excited and recorded much of the tour with their cameras.

GE Aviation is a leader of the aircraft turbine engines and AIDC has been supplying GE with engine parts since 1997. With 17 years of dedicated support, AIDC has won recognition from GE for its quality, delivery and service, and has been presented with four “Outstanding Growth” awards in the last five years. Based on the existing relationship, GE and AIDC are working toward continuing collaborations well into the future.