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First Three Quarters NT$20 Billion AIDC Create Revenue High

First Three Quarters NT$20 Billion AIDC Create Revenue High

Aerospace industry leader AIDC held an investor conference this afternoon, according the company, the accumulative January-September consolidated revenue exceeded NT$ 20 billion. September growth was better than the corresponding period last year.

AIDC investor conference was presided by Chairman Liao, Rong-Xin. President Hsu, Yen-Nien pointed out during his briefing that AIDC confronted severe cost challenges resulting from civil aviation customers requiring suppliers to adjust price downward, civil aviation programs performance and salary raising. The countermeasures AIDC adopted are to continually invest into key technologies, develop LEAN manufacturing and assist supply chains to upgrade capacity. By effectively taking advantage of outsourcing resources, and integrating aerospace industry supply chain in Taiwan as well, AIDC is looking forward to maintaining the gross margin and ensuring operational goal not less than the result of last year.

Over the past five years (2010-2014), AIDC’s revenue increase to NT$24.9 billion from NT$17.9 billion, annual net profit has grown to NT$1.872 billion from NT$1.013 billion, EPS has grown to NT$2.06 from NT$1.12; September revenue was NT$2.676 billion, January-September consolidated revenue was NT$20 billion, the first half year in 2015, accumulative net profit was NT$868 million, EPS was NT$0.96, which corresponds to the company’s expectation.

To cater to the future robust market demands and maintain with the indigenous products service as well as the core technology capability, AIDC invested into three fixed assets in 2015, including Engine Case Manufacturing Center, TACC-19 (Composite Material) building and F16 A/B Upgraded Maintenance Building, which are scheduled to be completed and start operations in 2016-2017 one after another. In the future, we anticipate expanding our Engine Case Manufacturing capability to 2 meter diameters to meet Trent XWB business demands; our TACC-19 mainly produces the best-selling Airbus A320 series belly fairing complex material components to strengthen AIDC’s key role play in Airbus’s first-class supply chain. In addition to serve F-16 configuration modification, F16 A/B Upgraded Maintenance Building will bring AIDC the long-term and stable revenue stream, which the government’s autonomy policy of defense industry will be fulfilled to a high degree then.