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2015 MRJ Partner Conference, AIDC awarded Best Partner

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation hosted their Partner Conference 2015 which was held in Nagoya, Japan on Dec. 2-3. The Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) Chairman Anson Liao accompanied by a management delegation attended the conference and was the recipient of the “Award of the Year 2015” for Best Partner award given by Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation Senior Vice President Shigeru Nagatomi.

Chairman Anson Liao expressed in his speech AIDC has more than four decades of expertise and capability in aircraft system integration, development, parts manufacturing, assembly, testing and verification. The MRJ program was AIDC’s first ODM undertaking of a regional jet involving design and manufacture of composite components. AIDC dedicated a large amount of effort and resources to support MRJ program. With assistance of Mitsubishi Aircraft and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, AIDC completed both equipment and special process certifications. Through the combined contributions of both companies we overcame many challenges and were able to witness a successful first flight.

Also, AIDC has strengthened its capacity with new investments and new facility plans. At the same time, we expanded AIDC’s outsourcing policy to local qualified suppliers by providing assistance with process certifications. By this way, AIDC and its integrated supplier chain will be able to enhance support for the MRJ program on a much larger scale.

Earlier on Dec. 1st, Chairman Anson Liao accompanied a delegation of 45 representative led by Industrial Development Bureau with local communities and factories to visit Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation to take a future look extended business opportunities on MRJ and other related programs with the objective to introduce Taiwan’s local suppliers and hopefully enter into Mitsubishi Heavy Industries supply chain to enhance Taiwan indigenous aircraft technology and manufacturing capability.

The MRJ components that were designed and manufactured indigenously by AIDC included Rudder, Elevator, SLAT, Inboard & Outboard Flap & Track Fairing, Aileron, Spoiler and Belly Fairing & Support Structure. The MRJ program represents a very important commercial ODM business to AIDC as it not only uses a substantial amount of composite materials, but it also represents a major milestone in AIDC’s acquisition of tooling, design and manufacturing technical capability, expertise and experience on large composite material parts thus ranks AIDC among the advanced aerospace companies in the world.

The MRJ program was launched by Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation in 2008 and is the next generation regional jet offering both efficient operational economy while providing unparalleled cabin comfort. The MRJ family includes the MRJ90 and MRJ70. The MRJ is powered by the PurePower (R) PW1200G engines by Pratt & Whitney which will deliver significant operating savings and environmental benefits through twin engine efficiency.

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has received orders for 407 shipsets (including options etc).The first flight was successfully completed on Nov. 11, 2015.