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AIDC signed Collaborative Memorandum with Corporate Synergy Development Center for Establishment of A-Team 4.0


In order to promote Taiwan’s aviation industry to the next level and consequently boost Taiwan’s industrial competitiveness in the global market, AIDC Chairman Anson Liao proposed the Aerospace Industry A-Team 4.0 initiative to organize a comprehensive aerospace industrial supply chain. The concept was put into action on March 1, 2016 by signing of a collaborative memorandum between AIDC and the Corporate Synergy Development Center (CSD). The signing ceremony was witnessed by AIDC Chairman Anson Liao and the CSD Chairman Peter Sher. Both parties will establish the scaffold of A-Team 4.0 to enroll suppliers and service providers who share the same values and visions, and are willing to work together as a team to exploit the 5 trillion U.S. dollars worth of global aerospace businesses.

Chairman Liao cited in his remarks that the concept of the A-Team 4.0 was to integrate raw material suppliers, machinery providers, manufacturers and transportation providers into the A-Team league, where members could increase the collective strength by practicing the spirit of “Lean to be Competitive.”

The coalition aims at becoming the Tier 1 suppliers to the global major aircraft builders around the world, who have shifted their out-sourcing strategy from job “out-sourcing” to “homeward-migration”, and now “choose suppliers wisely.” Therefore, in response to the trend, the A-Team calls for suppliers who have the abilities to cope with current demands and to practice Lean for cost-reduction.

With the assistance from the CSD, who was invited by AIDC to provide assistance in the planning of A-Team 4.0 structure and operative mechanism, the A-Team 4.0 is scheduled to be officially established by the end of Q2 of 2016. The CSD has solid experience in the establishment and operation of organizing industrial clusters, such as the S-Team (Taiwan S-Team Elite League for fitness equipment) and the M-Team (for machine centers.) In the A-Team 4.0 case, CSD President Chu Hsing-Hwa, will personally act as the general convener who coaches the Lean effort and will oversee the A-Team operation as an independent legal representative until the operation runs smoothly, then the A-Team will take full responsibility of its operation.

The CSD Chairman Peter Sher took the M-Team as an example and stated that all the members of M-Team acted upon the same mindset and visions that they shared information; they continued to improve capabilities; they tried to be competitive in terms of quality, delivery, and cost control; and they made themselves resilient in response to customers’ demands. These qualities enabled the M-Team to brace for the 2008 financial tsunami, the Euro debt crisis; and the challenges from the Germany and Japanese machinery providers. CSD anticipated that the A-Team will also significantly enhance the collective strength of the team members by team work.

According to the plan, AIDC will conduct several seminars in Taipei, Taichung, and Kang-shan to communicate the A-Team 4.0 concept with related industries including; material supply, machine centers, aerostructures, engine parts and components, transportation, and academia during March 7th – 17th, 2016. A questionnaire composed by AIDC will be opened online to collect comments and recommendations from the industry as part of the basis for membership evaluation. The A-Team 4.0 concept and actions are expected to draw attention and congregate joint efforts among the industry.