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AIDC’s declaration

Responding to the statement made by the Minister of the Ministry of National Defense (MND) in the morning of March 9th, which was inquired by lawmakers in the Legislative Yuan relating to MND approval for the Air Force to procure Advanced Jet Trainer by proposing the aircraft be manufactured domestically, AIDC said, they will provide best efforts to comply with the government policy to meet the Air Force requirement and drive the development of in-country aerospace industry as well. AIDC’s Chairman, Liao Rong-Xin, has advocated the alliance of Taiwan aerospace industries “A-Team 4.0” since the beginning of Taipei Air Show in August last year with the intent of linking domestic raw materials, machine tools, component manufacturing, logistics, academia, research, financial industry and other upstream and downstream industries into a comprehensively and united Taiwan aerospace industry.
Adopting the approach of manufacturing Advanced Jet Trainer domestically will enhance the momentum of Taiwan aerospace industry alliance “A-Team 4.0” and promote the capacity of industry technology as well as the output of overall value.