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AIDC Campaigns for A-Team 4.0 with 9 Sessions of Seminar Completed


The A-Team 4.0 seminar, which embarked on March 7, 2016 conducted a total of 9 sessions respectively in the north, central, and south districts of Taiwan, ended its last session on March 17, 2016 with a cumulative participation of 449 attendees from 225 domestic companies. The concept proposed by AIDC Chairman Anson Liao was echoed by related industries of; aviation manufacturing, machine centers, transportation, banking, and representatives from the academic filed. While the importance of “Lean to be Competitive” was well recognized and appreciated among the participants, the alliance aimed to explore the global aviation market by cooperative team work.

Chairman Anson Liao introduced “The Tears of the Flying Fish”, a film portraying how the flying fish survived the onslaught of sea birds from the sky, dolphins from the water, as a metaphor of Taiwan aviation industry’s position facing the increasing challenges of cost-down demands and the emerging countries taking up a good share of the market. The Taiwan A-Team 4.0 intends to provide a solution for the struggle.

In the seminar, AIDC presented the following topics: Opportunities and Challenges of the Taiwan Aviation Industry; Introduction to A-Team 4.0; Certification Requirements and Process for Aerospace Suppliers; and Case Studies of Corporate Synergy at Work. Constructive comments collected from the Q&A sessions will be integrated to a roadmap for the A-Team 4.0.

Chairman Anson Liao cited organizing the A-Team 4.0 was not an effort to be dedicated to benefit AIDC’s supply chain but to the contrary, it was meant to benefit the entire domestic aerospace industry, where all the participants need to combine respective forces together in a matrix structure in terms of expertise and resources in order to sustain and thrive. The A-Team is looking for the best team players who share the same visions and disciplines in the face of increasing challenges driven by global markets and intends to generate consensus among the industry in combination with the support from the government to raise Taiwan’s aerospace industry to the next level, which would eventually boost the domestic economy as a whole.

Chairman Anson Liao recommended several directions concerning industrial development to the President-elect Tsai during her visit to the Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology(CSIST) for her consideration:

Creation of a healthy environment for the development of defensive industry; enforcement of the Revitalization of Defensive Industry Regulations; rent/tax reduction; preferential payment for interest; R&D subsidy; utilization of the Defensive Industry Development Fund.

Create and realize “Big Plan” to keep quality human resources, capital, and technologies in Taiwan. It could be a project in a very large scale, such as an indigenously made aircraft project with full scale development, system integration, and mass production. Only a Big Plan is sufficient to accommodate the aforementioned purposes and increase the output value of the industry.

Recruit people who understand the full landscape of the aerospace industry to the national administration team to show government determination to support the industry.

Suppliers interested in joining the A-Team can go and answer the questionnaire at website: which will be used to determine acceptance of membership. The membership drive will be closed on March 20, 2016. As of March 16th, there were a total of 113 suppliers expressing their interest to join. The positive feedback from the industry has definitely brightened the future of the A-Team 4.0 initiative.