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BlankLegislators of Diplomacy & Defense Commission inspected the program of IDF performance upgrade and stressed the importance of defense autonomy

The Diplomacy & Defense Commission inspected AIDC in the afternoon of March 30th and examined the IDF performance upgrade and defense autonomy capability. They expected AIDC to continue; improving competitiveness, talent cultivation, the advanced trainer and the next generation fighter to enhance the Air Force and drive the relevant industries to boost the overall economy.
The Diplomacy & Defense Commission led by the convener, Jiang Chi-Chen, accompanied by the commissioners from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Industrial Development Bureau and the State-owned Enterprise Commission of MOEA, visited AIDC’s factory located in Sha-Lu District of Taichung to inspect the progress of IDF performance upgrade and was given a briefing by AIDC as well as on-site tours of the production lines in the composite center and commercial aircraft assembly.
Legislator Chiang said, the aerospace industry is very important among the Taiwan’s representative industries. AIDC has been more flexible and competitive on its management after privatization which enabled the company to develop a prosperous future and enhance its overall competitiveness by embarking on a large project as well as systematically nurturing talent. Regarding the government policy to advocate homemade aircraft, AIDC should integrate the in-country supply chain and continually promote engineering R & D to prove the sufficient capacity for reaching the goal of defense autonomy.
AIDC Chairman, Liao Rong-Xin, responded to Chiang’s by expressing AIDC has sufficient capacity and available solutions for both ROCAF’s Advanced Jet Trainer and the new generation warplane and AIDC will comply with the Blue Paper policy issued by the government to meet the requirements of ROCAF’s warplane replacement plan. “Homemade aircraft, self-research & self-made”, we are ready!