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AIDC Revenue Hits New High in 2015


AIDC held an investors conference this afternoon of April 22nd during which the company presented its annual revenue in 2015 totaling NT$26.9 billion with a growth rate of 7.84%, compared with the same period of last year when net income was NT$2.029 billion, with a growth rate of 8.39%; earnings per share was NT$2.23, growing by 8.25%; productivity/person was NT$4.21 million, growing by 5.25%. The financial review in the last five years was also shown as attached graphics.

The Acting President of AIDC, Shiah Kang, at the investors conference presided by AIDC’s Chairman, Liao Rong-Xin, gave a briefing and pointed out that the accumulative revenue of Q1 in 2016 was NT$6.3 billion which matched expectations. However, the way ahead is steep because the aerospace industry in Taiwan is suffering challenges from the emerging countries with lower labor rates as well as the developed countries with highly automated machinery. Its situation is as the flying fish in the sea confronting the attacks from the inside and the outside environment.

To cater to robust market demands and maintain indigenous product services as well as core technology capacity, AIDC invested in three fixed assets: Engine Case Manufacturing Center (ECMC), TACC #19 Building and F-16A/B Upgrade Maintenance Building. Among them, the ECMC has been completed and enabled on Apr. 14, 2016. TACC #19 is scheduled to start the operation in Q2 of 2016. F-16A/B Upgrade Maintenance Building is estimated to start operations in Q1 of 2017.

To promote the aerospace industry transformation, AIDC recently started on a cross-sector integration of a wide variety of business, industry and talent. In business, AIDC will fully comply with the national policy of manufacturing military aircraft domestically and will also focus on commercial aircraft with high value-added, for example, aircraft components and engine components. In industry, three goals were set for Taiwan Aerospace Association; Information sharing, Encouraging industries to take part in relevant activities as well as International exchange. In talent, the objective is to build human resource by cooperating with the academia and the relevant industries. In addition, AIDC will integrate raw materials, machinery, manufacturing, logistics, etc. AIDC looks forward to establishing high ranking position among the global supply chain by combining the in-country industries as well as Taiwan’s overall superiority to procure international business opportunities and to share with the other industries.