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AIDC Calls 1st Meeting for A-Team 4.0 Committee


The first Taiwan Aerospace Industry A-Team 4.0 committee meeting was held on May 5, 2016 at AIDC’s Hsiang-Yuan Training Center with presence of 12 committee members, including in attendance; China Steel Corp., Evergreen Aviation, and the Formosa Plastics. The meeting finalized the Articles of Association, as well as the respective industrial subgroups’ Key Performance Index for Fiscal Year 2016. The A-Team 4.0 league will function according to the fundamentals established on this date.

The concept of the Aerospace Industry A-Team 4.0 was initiated last year by AIDC Chairman Anson Liao in an announcement during the Taipei Airshow. It tries to convey the latest development strategy and solutions of the aerospace industry in Taiwan, and reflect the industrial consensus that Lean, Competitiveness, Team Work, and Cross-industry Alliance would help Taiwan to stand out in the global market.

The purpose of the A-Team 4.0 is to integrate domestic manufacturing, facilities and equipment, material, and transportation industries on the basis of lean and competitiveness to strengthen the supply chain, and to aim at becoming the first tier suppliers to major aircraft builders around the world.

AIDC has conducted 9 seminars to communicate the concept with the domestic industry, and the response from the industry members has been overwhelmingly positive.

Chairman Anson Liao cited organizing the A-Team 4.0 was not an effort dedicated only to the AIDC supply chain but to the contrary, it was meant to benefit the entire domestic industry, where all the participants need to combine respective forces together in a matrix structure in terms of expertise and resources in order to sustain and thrive. The A-Team was looking for the best team players who shared the same visions and disciplines in the face of increasing challenges driven by the global market.

The establishment of the A-Team 4.0 Alliance is anticipated to be formally announced in early June this year. It will be followed by activities of supplier training and Lean measures to help the individual A-Team members.