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AIDC Sows the Seeds of Caring for Township Education for Rooting Aviation Technology

For children located on Taiwan’s offshore islands or remote townships, leaving their hometowns and joining an educational field trip is usually an unachievable dream. Following the trip to the eastern township of Taitung and Taiwan’s offshore Green Island by AIDC Chairman Anson Liao joined by a delegation of 7 members including IDF chief test pilot K. M. Wu. in March 2016 and an invitation extended from Chairman Liao for the highest-class children of Taitung’s three remote schools to visit AIDC’s headquarters located in Taichung before their graduation from school, AIDC held an activity themed as “Experiencing Aviation, Flying Dreams High” in the hope of encouraging the children of remote townships to establish closer contact with airplanes and by doing so, to provide opportunities for the disadvantaged to expand their visions and encourage their dreams of flying for a better future.

For fulfilling the promise and amplifying the efficiency of education caring for the remote areas, Chairman Liao personally convened a meeting for better arrangements of the activities. The two-day, one-night aviation experiencing visit by the school children, teachers as well as some of their parents of Taitung’s Guangming and Lyudao elementary schools totaling 54 participants were received by AIDC on 13th and 14th of May 2016.

On the first day of the event, Chairman Liao accompanied and guided the visitors on a tour of both military and commercial airplanes, and also flying suits and related equipment. The school children cheerd and very much enjoyed the close contact with both the airplanes and the static displays. Also the attendees were given the basics of aviation and aircraft manufacturing through professional instruction by active pilots. Group pictures with the visitors and an IDF aircraft prototype were then taken to commemorate their visit to AIDC. AIDC hosted our visitors to a delicious dinner after which they enjoyed a video. All teachers and students expressed their appreciation and conveyed they all had very cheerful day full of delights and hoped it would not end.

The next day, the visitors were given guided tours of AIDC’s ecological park at the Hsiang-Yuan Complex and took a group picture with a decommissioned F-5E Tiger 2000 Tactical Fighter. Followed by shop tours of manufacturing plants and AIDC’s showroom, the school children were provided with informative and productive knowledge of aviation industrial history of Taiwan, along with knowledge of AIDC’s manufacturing process of airplanes. The meaningful trip of “Experiencing Aviation, Flying Dreams High” activity for the children from the remote eastern Taiwan came to a happy ending that afternoon.

Through the aviation trip campaign, it is AIDC’s intent to continue to expand its caring of remote township education, to set up a promotion model of rooting aviation technology, and in doing so to better fulfill its corporate social responsibilities as well as to intensify its enterprise image as a whole.