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AIDC Donates Children’s Books to Remote Schools

AIDC conducted a two-day “Caring for Township Education” on June 3rd and 4th, 2016 visiting elementary schools located in the remote mountain villages of Nantou County. The team was led by AIDC Chairman Anson Liao . Also participating were Mr. and Mrs. K.M. Wu, the IDF Chief Test Pilot (retired), and members of AIDC management. Mr. Tony Stone, the Lockheed Martin onsite representative, was also invited to participate in this trip.

The purpose of this visit was to support the reading resources of remote schools where story books are usually inadequate for school children. AIDC donated books according to the recommended reading list for school children to the Shin-shing Elementary School, Shui-li Elementary School, and Wu-cheng Elementary School in Nantou County, hoping to enrich young children’s imagination and creativity and to enlarge their vision of the world through reading.

Last year AIDC and General Electric (GE) together hosted the “Blue Sky 4 Dreams” Aviation Camp for children supported by the Taiwan Fund for Children & Families (TFCF) and received positive feedback from the children. Also earlier this year in March, Chairman Liao led a team of AIDC pilots to Taitung County visiting three of its elementary schools to promote aviation education.

This time in Nantou, Chairman Liao enlightened young children’s passion in aviation with two films; David Attenborough’s “Conquest of the Skies”; and “Tears of the Flying Fish.” They were followed by a video clip introducing how an aircraft was assembled. Lastly the veteran IDF Chief Test Pilot, K.M. Wu, shared his flying experiences as a test pilot and the life lessons he acquired through his unique flying career. The interactions designed in the activity were meant to inspire the younger generations and embed the seed of interest and commitment in aviation for their future pursuits.

“We will continue to enroot aviation education in the younger generations. We believe that love, attention, and spending quality time with children are the best way to ensure our future generations will become stronger and better in their lives. Young children, regardless of their background, deserve the same opportunities we had been offered,” cited Chairman Anson Liao.