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AIDC Voluntary Event, Ride the Wings of Dreams

While children are the future of our nation, a good educational environment for children serves to lay the foundation of social development. To enable the local students to have a better understanding of the efforts AIDC has been making to improve the local education standards and to fulfill its corporate social responsibility, AIDC joined hands with the British global power systems company, Rolls-Royce, in hosting a “Ride the Wings of Dreams” a voluntary event conducted on July 6 and 7 and with the assistance of AIDC volunteers, Air Force Academy, Kao Yuan University and Kaohsiung Science and Technology Museum. Students from the Minsheng and Minquan Elementary Schools in Namasia District, Kaohsiung City, were invited to participate in this unique activity and to enjoy the rich feast of aviation expertise.

While exercising care for the rural disadvantaged students, AIDC worked with the Air Force Academy to allow the students visiting their Flight Training Exhibition Center to observe trainer take-off and landing exercises. Additionally, Kao Yuan University also had their winning team, multiple-time winners of the unmanned aircraft (UAV) creative design contest, to lead the students to operate the unmanned aircraft. AIDC also led the students on a tour of the Aviation and Space Hall in Kaohsiung Science and Technology Museum and to experience the science DIY. It is hoped that with the close contact with the aircraft the students can have a better understanding of the history of Taiwan aerospace industry and manufacture of aero engines, and through which can broaden their horizon and inspire their interest in aviation.

This aviation experience activity was led by AIDC Chairman Anson Liao and Mr. Greg Robinson, Rolls-Royce Regional Supplier Management Executive of North-Eastern Asia Supply Chain Division. With great support of the Air Force Academy, the students were provided the opportunity of observing aircraft takeoffs and landings, and experienced the powerful vibration of aircraft engines in operation. AIDC and Rolls-Royce volunteers also designed an interesting Q &A game on aviation knowledge, including the principles of flight and aircraft manufacturing, which made the activity not only educational but also full of fun for the students and volunteers alike.

It is worth mentioning that two former AIDC senior retirees, Mr. Rick Lee and Mr. Jack Shen also joined this event as volunteers. They said it gave them a great pleasure to accompany these kids, just like their own grandchildren. And, on the way to Namasai, Chairman Liao learned that AIDC typhoon surveillance program had been initiated. That reminded Chairman Liao of the devastation Typhoon Morakot caused to rural and remote areas in 2009, which reinforced his determination to continue the effort in fulfilling all AIDC's corporate social responsibilities. It is hoped that this event provides the disadvantaged students with more future choices and will embed the seed of interest and commitment into Taiwan's aviation industry.