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Members of A-Team 4.0 Alliance Exchange and Visit AIDC’s Indrustry 4.0 Demonstration Plant


Corresponding to the needs expressed from members of the Taiwan Aerospace Industry A-Team 4.0 Alliance, the Aerospace Industry Development Corporation (AIDC) invited its members to visit AIDC today (July 28th ). Visiting members attended an introductory presentation on automatic factories and Industry 4.0 Demonstration plant. Following the presentation, attending members exchanged different opinions and views on various related topics and collaborated in reaching a conclusion which will be a ready reference for developing subsequent work items.

AIDC’s Chairman Liao Rong-Xin said, the purpose to advocate A-Team 4.0 is to enhance competitiveness via increasing intelligence capability such as tooling machine automation as well as integrating cross-sector capabilities based on unanimous value concept to form a comprehensive supply chain, including raw material, machinery equipment, manufacturing and logistics. Since the A-Team 4.0 inauguration, AIDC has successfully arranged an array of useful training courses on a wide variety of topic to include Management, Lean, Quality, Production, to mention only a few, to richen its members’ knowledge on aerospace certification, lean operation and aircraft manufacturing. At present, 11 training courses with 666 attendees have been completed; AIDC will continue to draw up the relevant training plan gratis for members of the A-Team 4.0 Alliance and encourage each other and grow up together for ascending into world class completive global supply chain and becoming the Tier 1 supplier to the major international aerospace manufacturers.

Taiwan manufacturers and/or suppliers wishing to join the alliance, can access the A-Team 4.0 platform via website ( and press “join A-Team 4.0” and “fill out” the questionnaire for qualification review.