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AIDC Embedded Aviation Seeds in Young Minds

AIDC hosted a field trip for school children of the remote counties to a special exhibition featuring “NASA - The Human Adventure”, which only took place in Taipei. Students from junior and senior high schools in the southern Taiwan region were invited to this one-day filed trip, which included a visit to the AIDC Hsiang-yuen Education Center and the tour to the NASA exhibition in the National Taiwan Science Education Center. The purposes of the trip were to enlighten young minds for their interests in exploring the space and aviation; open their eyes for science; and expand their global vision. AIDC hoped the service would help to enrich the educational resources for youngsters of the remote schools.

The field trip was proposed by Legislator, Ms. Kuan, Bi-ling, who encouraged the young participants that embracing the space science wasn’t so inaccessible if one shows interest to understand why and how. Ms. Kuan hoped this one-day trip would bring the students one huge step forward in their pursuits for space knowledge.

“I grew up in the 1950s when making a living was hard for everyone,” AIDC Chairman Jason Liao, who led the AIDC volunteers of the field trip, told his own life experience to the children. “Despite all the insufficiency, I still dreamed for flying and held the thirst for science, and eventually became a fighter pilot.” He encouraged the children to grow their own dreams and make wise choices with determination to make their dreams come true.

The NASA’s “Human Adventure” exhibition goes around the world with Taiwan as its 8th destination. Over 300 exhibits involved in various space missions are demonstrated. In the “Taiwan Zone”, it showcases Taiwan’s contribution in the global space missions and the development and achievement in space technologies.