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Beam-raising Ceremony takes place for AIDC’s AEF Case Line Automated Warehouse

Following the grand opening of its Engine Case Manufacturing Center (ECMC), a NT$1.3 billion investment program, on August 1st, AIDC held a beam-raising ceremony for its Automated Warehouse at its Aero Engine Factory (AEF) Gang Shan facility. The ceremony was hosted by AIDC Chairman Liao and was attended by representatives of AIDC’s domestic and foreign supply chain partners commemorating this special event and wishing the AEF well in the construction of the new facility.

The dimensions of this new structure will be 41 meters long, 30 meters wide and 19 meters in height together with the automated warehouse system the investment will be NT$85 million and is expected to complete at the end of this year. When completed the automated warehouse system will satisfy the needs of the case line with expedited storage, retrieval and transportation. This also corresponds with the objective of A-Team 4.0, that is “lean organization, improve competiveness”, which will fortify the supply chain and upgrade the overall development of Taiwan’s aerospace industry.

Chairman Liao expressed that the purpose of A-Team 4.0 is to promote cross-sector collaboration and industry work division cooperation; for instance, smart manufacturing for competitiveness enhancement and upgrading machine tool smart automation to the aerospace level. AIDC is proactively bridging domestic suppliers such as China Steel, Gloria Material Technology, Formosa Plastic and UHT Unitch with renowned international aerospace companies such as Rolls-Royce, Cytec and Honeywell; and at the same time, AIDC is working with domestic machine tool suppliers on cooperation. In observing the increasing competition from the global aerospace market, Chairman Liao expressed his determination to optimize the system of Taiwan’s aerospace industry. As a result, AIDC will continue to offer a series of free activities for team members toward motivating and encouraging all the members to grow and work together and make Taiwan A-Team 4.0 an essential link of global aerospace supply chain.

For suppliers who are interested in joining A-Team 4.0, please go to website, click on “join A-Team 4.0”, and complete the form for membership review.