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AIDC and Magnate Technology Sign Engine Parts Contract

AIDC and Magnate Technology Sign Engine Parts Contract

AIDC and Magnate Technology Co., Ltd. signed an engine parts contract on September 10, 2016. As one of AIDC’s major suppliers, Magnate Technology will supply 71 items of machining parts to AIDC for GE, Rolls Royce, and Honeywell engines under a contract for a duration of 2-4 years.

The contract signing ceremony was witnessed by Legislator Chiu, Chih-Wei who mentioned in his speech that the Government not only supported the indigenously-made aircraft policy, but also anticipated a high ratio of the aircraft content would be made locally. He encouraged AIDC along with Magnate Technology and the members of Taiwan aerospace industry supply chain to work together to develop and build our own aircraft for national defense.

AIDC Chairman Anson Liao remarked that the domestic aerospace industry suppliers were facing tremendous challenges while the emerging countries such as Morocco, Mexico, and Turkey were entering the aerospace arena. But the real concern remained in the advanced countries like Germany and Spain taking a strong presence in the market, which meant they were readily competitive with production efficiency and automation. Therefore, in addition to the continuous improvement in all fronts required by the clients, the industry should take active Lean approaches to elevate competitiveness.

“While the Government has set the tone for the new generation advanced trainer to be home-made and indigenously developed, AIDC has already invested in the R&D of the new trainer, which covers the key technologies research, feasibility study and evaluation, and concept design. AIDC is definitely capable of new trainer development and production,” Chairman Liao emphasized.

He also noted the solid and long term cooperative relationship between the two companies. “Magnate Technology is one of the most important strategic partners of AIDC with strong capabilities that are well known in the industry. AIDC values the opportunity to work with Magnate Technology and we feel positive in the joint effort of the two companies in the future pursuit of engine businesses and in the contribution to the new trainer program,” Chairman Liao concluded.