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TACC Main Beam Placement Ceremony

With completion of the building’s main structure earlier in January, the Chairman of AIDC, Dr. Y.K. Shung, hosted the Main Beam Placement Ceremony for the Taiwan Advanced Composite Center (TACC).

“The main beam placement is the most critical moment of a construction,” Chairman Shung pointed out in his address to the guests and ceremony participants. “The murky cold-front that came days before was swept away by warm sunshine and gentle breezes we enjoy today. It is believed traditionally that the smoothness of main beam placement foretells final success of a construction.”

The construction of the TACC has been proceeding as planned with 34% completion rate of the entire project. The main structure was completed in January. The remaining construction tasks to be completed include the installation of the; roof, facade, plumbing and electricity, air-conditioning, and final finishing.

As for the TACC major equipment, 3 extra-large autoclaves have already arrived among the Phase I facility procurement with remaining major equipment will continue to arrive as scheduled. The receiving schedules of physically large equipment are precisely incorporated in the construction schedule to facilitate installation and acceptance testing.

With the commencement of production of the TACC scheduled in early November 2010, AIDC’s program offices have submitted detail certification plans to their respective international clients for review.

Situated at the north end of AIDC’s Shar-Lu complex occupying 4.13 hectare lot, the building is 21.5 meters in height, 210 meters long by 120 meters wide. A 4-story “green” building as it is, incorporates 4 types of environmentally friendly designs. The main floor is 10 meters high to accommodate large composite equipment.

The building started its construction on August 17, 2009 and is scheduled to be completed in July 2010 to be ready for mass production in the 4th Quarter. The total investment of the TACC is approx. $2 billion (NTD), intended for the establishment of a new center for composite technology development and a production hub for aviation composite products.

Currently there are approx. $10 billion (NTD) worth of composite ODM and OEM businesses under inquiry and negotiation. Contracts have been signed with Bell Canada for the M429 Helicopter and Mitsubishi Japan for the MRJ cooperation program. TACC intends to focus on parts ranging within 12 meters in length and 4 meters in width, such as the single isle with horizontal tail.

When the TACC is inaugurated in July, AIDC’s entire composite business will be transferred from its Taichung complex to the TACC in Shar-Lu. It is anticipated the output value could possibly reach approx. $4 billion (NTD) a year.