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The 4th Committee Meeting of Taiwan Aerospace A-Team 4.0 Took Place at AIDC

The A-Team 4.0 Alliance held its committee meeting on Dec. 27, 2017 at the Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation’s (AIDC) Hsiang Yuan Compound in Taichung, during which 23 new members were added to the alliance. A major resolution approved at the meeting was the Committee is to name 1/3 of the members with strong KPI performance to be awarded with gold/silver/bronze medals. The medals will be awarded at the annual general assembly to encourage the momentum of building up industrial competitiveness among its members.

With 84 members being successfully AS9100 certified, the A-Team 4.0 efforts have started to show. Among which Ye Fong Aluminum is now a qualified supplier for AIDC’s Advanced Trainer Program. On the other hand, the Corporate Synergy Development Center (CSD) is offering government subsidy in 6 categories to assist designated industries including the aerospace industry and members of the machinery industry who plans to invest in Smart Machining.

The Stans Foundation was also invited to the meeting as guest speaker to introduce its core value, which is “Wangdao”, the way of management and leadership emphasizing on innovation, balance, and sustainability. It believes the core value of Wangdao would enhance cooperation within an organization.

AIDC Chairman Anson Liao, who is also the Director of the A-Team Alliance, addressed the A-Team assembly stating; “I have just returned from the Canadian Aerospace Summit, and according to my observation, the commercial market still holds a great demand. The backlog order would take 7 to 8 years to digest, so there is no sign of decline in the near future. It’s true the profit of the manufacturing sector has been compressed radically, but many companies are focusing on the MRO businesses. We remain optimistic, as aircraft has a very long life cycle that would last for 30~50 years.”
“To survive in the heavy competition of the global aerospace industry, the threshold of the quality, efficiency and cost saving are raising ever so high, not to mention the collaborative information security is another area we need to look into, while internet fraud seems to be everywhere. Despite the adversity, the A-Team Alliance believes opportunities and challenges co-exist among our efforts. We see the circumstances as an opportunity of grinding and sharpening our capabilities. The aerospace industry calls for cooperation by the industry, the Government, the academia and research institutes for an integrated effort to confront the challenges we are facing and win our collective success in the global aviation market.” Chairman Liao remarked.