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AIDC Made a Productive Trip to the Singapore Air Show

In support of the Government’s “New Southbound Policy”, AIDC Chairman Anson Liao led a team to participate in the Singapore Air Show 2017 to explore opportunities with Southeast Asia aerospace companies.

For current businesses, AIDC continued its negotiation with P&W for the TAA agreement, in which the effort is dedicated to technical enhancement for maintenance of the F100 aero engine equipped in the F-16s of the ROC Airforce. In addition to meeting with BAE to discuss cooperation on system development for the new advanced trainer, AIDC also met with ASE and Curtiss-Wright respectively for procurement contracts signing of critical avionic systems.

For exploration of future businesses, AIDC signed a memorandum of cooperation with AIROD, who is part of the Malaysian NADE Group, for new business opportunities in both Taiwan and Malaysia. AIROD is a top MRO company and the only service provider to the Royal Air Force in Malaysia. AIROD is a Lockheed Martin certified maintenance provider experienced in the C-130H performance upgrade.

The Taiwan Aerospace Industry Association (TAIA) signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Aerospace Industries Association of the Philippines (AIAP) to share regional industrial information and to promote interactions among members of both parties. Taiwan aerospace industry is specialized in aerostructures development and aero engine fabrication, whereas the Philippines’ major businesses are aircraft interior furnishing, flight control and avionics. The cooperation is expected to integrate regional resources and compliment the strengths of both parties.

With the MND budget totaling an estimated 68.6 billion NT dollars, AIDC will build 66 shipsets of an advanced jet trainer. The prototype is expected to roll out in 2019 with a first flight scheduled in 2020 and with completion of the fleet delivery in 2026. AIDC has accomplished the first phase subcontract with 48 domestic suppliers. The overseas procurement for systems and the aero engines are either completed or nearing completion. . The supply chain covers aerostructures, aero engines which are conducted domestically and includes avionics systems where possible.