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AIDC CSR moves to Taiwan’s east coast and encourages students to look toward the skies

As a continued effort to promote aerospace education for the past two years and in fulfilling the company’s Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), AIDC sponsored the “Ride the Wings of Dreams” activity to eastern Taiwan this year. AIDC Chairman Anson Liao, a former air force fighter pilot, led a group of pilots to visit Guang Ming Elementary School in Taitung again today. In addition to donating books, AIDC CSR team turned into a human library which fostered the children’ interest and provided the motivation which led the students to read while sharing with them their learning, determination and experience as pilots, by citing birds inspired them to explore life, flying and corporate management, and encouraged the students to follow the footsteps of the Wright brothers to pursue aerospace technology and knowledge and eventually realize the dream of flying.

Chairman Liao, “Papa Liao” expressed to the students that he was grateful to all the people who helped him along the way, and believed that the diversified development approach will inspire the unlimited potential of the students. Therefore he initiated plans to go into the remoted areas when he assumed the chairmanship, to promote aerospace education of remoted areas, hoping through the face-to-face exchanges to motivate students to enhance character and responsibility. He believed that the positive energy of “Ride the Wings of Dreams” activity will have a significant influence to aerospace education.

For years, AIDC adopted the humanistic strategy and focus for action to build the base for aerospace education which has been well received by the students. Chairman Liao as usual invited the graduating class to AIDC for an aerospace tour. Through love and care and by providing close contact with the industry, AIDC continues to sow the seeds of the aerospace industry with students in Taiwan, aimed to nurture potential talents while fulfilling AIDC’s corporate social responsibility.