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AIDC helps Central Farm Animals Company into circular economy with biogas power generation

AIDC gained further success in its green energy business. Following the installation of 3 sets of 65 kW microturbine generators at the Central Farm Animals Company in Pingtung County and 4 sets of 65 kW generators at the Hanbo Livestock & Farming Products Co., Ltd. In Changhua County, AIDC Chairman Anson Liao signed a contract today with Mr. Tseng Su, Chairman of the Central Farm Animals Company, to further provide 5 sets of 65 kW (325 kW in total) generators for biogas power generation.

Chairman Su indicated that biogas power generation is the best solution for the pig farm odors and greenhouse gas emissions. With the support of Pingtung County Government, Central Farm Animals Company has passed the subsidies review of the Bureau of Energy. With the addition of the 325 kW generation system, it is expected to generate 2 million kWh of electricity and reduce 12,000 tons of carbon emission per year, which proves to be effective in the reduction of greenhouse gas. Based on the fit-in tariff rate of NT$5.0161 kWh this year, the annual revenue is estimated at around 10 million NT dollars. In the long term, it is considered profitable investing in biogas power generation.

Chairman Su also pointed out that its existing 195 kW generation system has generated 4.46 million kWh of green electricity, the biogas power generation is more than sufficient for the farm. With daily power generation of 3700-3800 kWh, it provides electricity for the pig farm, and at the same time cuts an estimated 10,000 NT dollars off the electricity bill on a daily basis. To expand the renewable energy business, Su plans to establish a central green energy company, and by adopting AIDC’s low emission, easy maintenance, low noise coupled with highly efficient generation system, he expects biogas will turn waste into gold.

AIDC Chairman Liao said, pig manure produces natural gas from which biogas can be produced through anaerobic digestion, and then through desulphurization process produces high levels of methane for power generation. Central Farm Animals Company is the pioneer of Taiwan’s circular economy, and has established itself as the benchmark for biogas power generation. AIDC appreciates the support of Council of Agriculture, Bureau of Energy and Environmental Protection Administration, which enabled AIDC to continue developing green industry solutions while manifesting our determination of sustainable corporate development. In this case, biogas power generation proves to be effective in helping to curb global warming, reducing carbon emission and creating green electricity.

Chairman Su added, Central Farm Animals Company uses anaerobic digestion treated wastewater for irrigation, processes digestate into organic fertilizer and has obtained the organic transformation certificate. These efforts have enhanced the visibility of Taiwan’s green industry in the world through the report on the Discovery channel. Su stated, the objective is to have agriculture developed in tandem with stock farming; but pig husbandry remains the focus as it provides an outlet for digestate liquid and digestate fiber in irrigation, so that we can bring new agriculture, circular economy and renewable energy into one united goal.