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AIDC Signs Group Agreements with Labor Unions Formalizing Specific Commitments to Employees

To create and maintain a harmonious work environment for labor and to formalize specific commitments to employees, following the completion of group agreements with its Taichung Complex Labor Union and Gang Shan Complex Labor Union, Aerospace Industry Development Corporation (AIDC),
the leading aerospace manufacturer in Taiwan and surrounding region, inked another agreement with its Sha Lu Complex Labor Union this morning ( June 8, 2018).

AIDC Chairman Rong-Xin “Anson” Liao, said that in the harsh environment of the aerospace industry, the company actively promotes the indigenous aircraft as well as the integration of Smart Manufacturing and Supply Chain to improve the efficiency and per capita output of its valued employees. According to the internationally renowned research institution, PWC report, among the most attractive countries in the aerospace industry, Taiwan has entered the top ten for the first time, ranking sixth in the overall list. It is highly competitive in terms of labor quality, manufacturing costs, and its relationship with labor unions is also an important assessment. The mutual trust and respect between the company and the unions will have a positive effect on the company’s competitiveness and sustainable development in the market.

The Director of Sha Lu Labor Union, Wen-Wei Lin, said that after the establishment of the new Labor Union Law that the employer was obligated to sign group agreements with above two labor unions, however AIDC set a precedent and signed group agreements with three Labor Unions. He expressed the high recognition of AIDC’s transparent and reasonable management approach, which is obviously displayed in AIDC’s positive attitude when facing problems.