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New Milestone Achieved with Delivery of the 1st B747-8IC Entry Door


AIDC held the delivery ceremony of the 1st B747-8IC entry door on July 26th at its Sha-Lu Complex. Mr. Rick Mattern, Director of Supplier Management, led a Boeing team to attend the ceremony and Mr. Erb, Boeing Supplier Quality Manager received the quality documents to conclude the delivery. Following the ceremony, the Phase II contract was signed.

Dr. Y.K. Shung, Chairman of AIDC, mentioned in his address that in 2006 Boeing developed two variants of the 747-400, namely the 747-8 freighter and the 747-8IC passenger model in response to market demand for more passenger capacity and lower operating costs. In satisfying Boeing’s requirements, AIDC applied engineering changes to the production of pressurized doors and with Phase II in process, AIDC further undertook material purchasing, tooling modification and parts fabrication.

In 2006, AIDC was awarded the 2.4 billion NT dollars contract to supply 109 shipsets of pressurized doors spanning a period of 10 years. Delivery is to be started from July this year at 1 shipset/month, and is expected to increase to 2 shipsets/month from 2012. AIDC shall continue to implement lean manufacturing to reduce costs, improve quality and work toward becoming the best Boeing supplier and partner in the Asia Pacific region.

In the ceremony, 12 personnel were awarded for their outstanding contributions to the program, and gratitude was expressed to all the personnel involved for their full support and contribution in achieving the delivery of first entry door possible.

On behalf of Boeing, Mr. Mattern first extended congratulations to AIDC for the wonderful achievement of the manufacturing and delivery of the 1st shipset of 747-8 Intercontinental Pressurized Doors. Then he continued by saying; “The Boeing 747-8 is an exciting program within our company. Boeing already has a total of 109 orders. Presently we have three freighters in flight test, and have recently started fuselage assembly for the first 747-8 Intercontinental. The Intercontinental will have the best economics of any large passenger airplane and is scheduled for its maiden flight within the first quarter of 2011. Our future still holds many challenges. To succeed we must focus on Quality and LEAN. It will be important to continue to deliver the highest quality parts. In the Boeing factory, we like to say “Don’t accept, create, or pass on defects.” This should apply to every process within AIDC as well. It is obvious that AIDC has embraced the LEAN culture. By consistently applying lean tools, AIDC will only improve quality and flow. Your dedication to quality, delivery and cost will help shape the future of the 747-8 program. This is a great day for Boeing and for our partner, Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation. We not only celebrate the first pressurized doors delivery of the 747-8 Intercontinental, but we also strengthen the relationship we have built together. This is an example of the AIDC-Boeing team at its best.”