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AIDC Chairman Leads Management Delegation on 2018 KLIABC Visit

In response to the New Southbound Policy of the Taiwan government and to explore business opportunities, Mr. Anson Liao, Chairman of both the Taiwan Aerospace Industry Association (TAIA) and AIDC, led a delegation to participate in the Kuala Lumpur International Aerospace Business Convention (KLIABC) during October 2nd thru 4th with aerospace companies from all over the world.

With the support of government policy and incentives, the Malaysian aerospace industry has successfully sustained fast growth. To have a better understanding of its latest development, Chairman Liao and team attended conferences on Malaysian aerospace market, Industry 4.0 and aerospace MRO at the KLIABC, and visited the Malaysia Aerospace Industry Association (MAIA) as well as companies such as Spirit AeroSystems Malaysia and UMW Aerospace to enhance mutual cooperation.

In support of the New Southbound Policy, Chairman Liao, on behalf of TAIA, signed MOAs with MAIA during 2017 Paris Airshow and Aerospace Industries Association of the Philippines (AIAP) during 2018 Singapore Airshow to establish cooperation with aerospace industries of Southeast Asia. This trip was made at the invitation of MAIA in the hope of achieving a win-win objective through mutual visits.

Furthermore, to answer the call for green energy AIDC is dedicated to pursuing the expansion of its biogas power generation business in Malaysia and Indonesia. While the palm oil industry, the second largest in Malaysia, was faced with new government regulations on biogas recovery, AIDC seized the opportunity by signing a contract with KKSL of Malaysia for installing 2 sets of microturbine biogas generator systems to recycle biogas from palm oil mill effluent for power generation. Since the launch of the operation in Jan. 2016, the generator systems not only continue to provide electricity to KKSL palm oil mill plant, but also generate profits for KKSL through selling residual electricity which has exceeded 24GWh to date. The success of this project has put AIDC in a favorable position to pursue cooperation with the palm oil companies and creates a market niche for the green energy industry.