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AIDC Receives Happy Workplace Three-Star Award

AIDC President N.J. Lin received the “Happy Workplace Three-Star Award” presented by Taichung City government today, in recognition of the company’s effort in promoting; a friendly workplace, good interaction with employees, and protection of employees’ rights and interests.

President Lin said that employee talents are the most valuable and essential assets which secure AIDC’s sustainable development into the future. To retain and care for its employees, AIDC has incorporated employee care into its corporate policy, and has endeavored to provide them a safe and healthy workplace.

President Lin cited a few examples of AIDC’s efforts which include;
1. Benefits and Health: providing subsidies and facilities for employee activities; regular physical examinations, health workshops; and group medical and life insurance;
2. Training & Education: providing diversified training and education. A good example is employees receiving AI leadership training, in return, helped to expedite integration of AI and smart manufacturing at AIDC, for which AIDC was presented the “Smart Machinery Benchmark Gold Award” by the Industrial Development Bureau this year; and
3. Labor-Management Relationship: conducting regular labor-management meetings; designating a Labor Director on the company’s BOD; and conducting motivation rallies recognizing outstanding employees.

Endeavors of AIDC has earned recognition from CommonWealth Magazine with AIDC receiving a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award in 2017, and, for three consecutive years thereafter from the Environmental Protection Administration with “Enterprise Environmental Protection Award” and the Ministry of Labor with “Occupational Safety and Health Five-Star Award”, followed by today’s ”Happy Workplace Three-Star Award”. President Lin stated that it is AIDC’s objective to build a friendly and happy workplace so that labor and management can join hands to build a win-win future for the company.