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AIDC Receives 787 New Order at the 2018 Tokyo Aerospace Exhibition

AIDC took part in the Tokyo International Aerospace Exhibition 2018 which started on November 28th with over 520 international aerospace companies such as Boeing, Airbus and the Japanese MHI/MITAC, KHI, Subaru among others participating in the event.

In the exhibition AIDC featured its capabilities in aerostrucutes; turbine engine components with key processes; the newly developed 16G commercial airline seat; and the S-92 radome. Additionally the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) composite control surface components were among the centerpieces to showcase the in-depth cooperation of AIDC with the Japanese aerospace industry. The exhibits successfully drew interests and inquiries from both visitors and exhibition participants alike.

The cooperation between AIDC and the major players in the Japanese heavy industry has been established for over 10 years to include; Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Kawasaki Heavy Industry, and Subaru, with contracts for OEM and ODM parts and components for both aerostructures and aero engines. AIDC’s consistent performance has attracted new orders from Subaru and NIPPI as well. AIDC anticipates its business development in Japan will show steady future growth.

In response to manufacturing automation trends, AIDC continues to expand its use of robotic and automation devices to elevate its production efficiency and to strengthen the competiveness of both AIDC and the Taiwan A-Team 4.0 Alliance. AIDC and members of A-Team 4.0 Alliance will together successfully transform the Taiwan aerospace industry into a world-class aerospace supply chain.