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AIDC's Volunteer Team receives national "Enterprise Volunteer Team" award


AIDC once again receives the first national “Enterprise Volunteer Team”award from the Ministry of Health and Welfare. On the afternoon of December 5th, 2018, Chairman Anson Liao received on behalf of AIDC the National Father's Memorial Hall award from Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen. This award recognizes AIDC for its accomplishments with implementing its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),through its ongoing community services investing in social welfare which significantly benefits public welfare groups and students located in isolated areas on Taiwan.

AIDC's management staff is fully and steadfastly committed to successful implementation of CSR from oral commitments turn to the undertaking of actual actions. Both Chairman Liao and President Lin personally participate in the company's CSR activities with various teams of AIDC employee volunteers focusing on activities such as for example; aviation education, international volunteer days; and volunteer service to mention only a few. The efforts and activities of AIDC's employee volunteers are reported to management. In addition to employees' physical and mental health and work-life balance, AIDC also actively promotes employee care programs and both fosters and encourages volunteers in accordance with the Voluntary Service Law and actively participates in volunteer service. AIDC has invested in resources which cultivate and care for volunteers for more than 15 years, assisting in the construction of employee care network, shaping the culture of humanistic care, promoting the sense of belonging of colleagues to the company; and creating overall benefits to sustain development to assure AIDC as a reliable, responsible and trustworthy enterprise.

Chairman Liao said that AIDC was pleased to receive the award on behalf of both AIDC and its volunteer teams and expressed his appreciation to the Ministry of Health and Welfare for supporting AIDC's long-term efforts to promote corporate volunteer service, which was followed by his thanks and appreciation to the many volunteers for their unselfish dedication in serving others. Chairman Liao noted the through activities of both "comprehensive service volunteers" and "aeronautical education volunteers" have proven to be the best opportunities for AIDC's staff to participate in social services, coupled with continued donations to various charitable organizations. Chairman Liao concluded with comparing AIDC to a big family citing the company's responsibilities are not only producing domestically made jet trainers, smart manufacturing and supply chain integration but also fosters and attracts quality aerospace professionals.