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AIDC and ITP Aero enter into a 10 year Engine Parts Agreement

AIDC was awarded a 10-year agreement by ITP Aero to supply parts for commercial turbine engines. Chairman Anson Liao led a management delegation to ITP Aero in Spain, and witnessed the signing of the agreement by Mr. Arthur Wang, Deputy Director of AIDC’s Aero Engine Factory, and ITP Aero.

ITP Aero is the tier-1 risk revenue sharing partner (RRSP) for international engine manufacturers, and the ninth largest aeronautical engine and components company in the world.

AIDC has put forth a great effort to expand its engine business in the global market, and has successful cooperation with Japanese engine companies, for one, and the establishment of a long-term agreement (2019-2029) with ITP Aero in Europe is another successful and encouraging endeavor which AIDC pursued in the recent years.

AIDC is committed to continued investment in its capacity and capability improvements to satisfy customers’ requirements. This agreement reflects AIDC international recognition and confidence of its customers which will lead to more business opportunities for AIDC’s domestic supply chain members. To secure the long-term and steady cooperative partnership, AIDC continues to work with its customers and partners in the upgrade of design, development and manufacturing capabilities as a whole.