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AIDC Branded Seat Showcased the Aircraft Interior Expo 2019, FAA Design Approval Expected


In keeping the domestic vibrant momentum going, AIDC participated in the international Aircraft Interior Expo 2019 which started on April 2, 2019 for 3 days in Hamburg with its seat partners, which included Fu-chi Innovation Technology, Easton Precision, and ISOTECH, together in the Taiwan Chalet.

Being the most notable aviation interior show by scale with 20 years of history, the Hamburg Expo hosts more than 550 companies and related entities from around the globe. This year exhibits included cabin décor to the latest In-flight Entertainment (IFE) systems with participations totaling over 18,000 professionals.

While future growth remains optimistic in the aerospace sector, AIDC has invested in the development of a competitive commercial passenger seat through its profound engineering capabilities acquired from its experience with aerostructure design and manufacturing, hoping to provide new and competitive options to the market. AIDC intended to actively engage in business discussions and to undertake initiatives to seek partners and clients.

Both Boeing and Airbus forecasts indicate there will be over 37,000 aircraft in demand within the next 20 years. While an aircraft would require cabin refurbishment every 4-8 years, the seat demand is estimated to be 1.5 times that of the new aircraft, which total an estimated 20M seats. The overall output value of seat in 2018 was over 8 billion U.S. dollars. According to the forecast of MarketsandMarkets, the seat market would grow annually by 7.25% and hit more than 10 billion U.S. dollars by year 2025.

AIDC seat has obtained the Technical Standard Order Authorization (TSOA) from the Taiwan CAA in 2017, and is expected to be approved by the FAA with the Letter of Design Approval (LODA) in the second half of 2019. This would be the first domestically developed seat that complied with the 16G and other strict aviation specs, such as the fire and smoke prevention. Thanks to the special aviation fabric from Fu-chi Innovation Technology; the seat components from Easton Precision; and the high tech fire-endurance thermostatic foam from ISOTECH; and AIDC who contributed its core capabilities in structure design and integration.

In addition to the 16G seat, AIDC also showcased the newly designed economic seat featuring lightness and comfort with composite seatback, wireless charger, tablet/cell phone holder, and a cradle seat for single-aisle aircraft. AIDC’s domestic partners and suppliers include the Industrial Technology Research Institute, the Automotive Research & Testing Center, Ye Fong Aluminum, Topkey, Fu-chi, and Chiao Fu. The cooperation is meant to provide multiple options to satisfy various customer requirements, and to bring the Taiwan branded quality products to the global aviation markets.