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AIDC Chairman Elected as Taiwan Aerospace Industry Association Chairman

The Taiwan Aerospace Industry Association (TAIA) called a special membership meeting today May 16, 2019 to to convene a special election for two seats of directors for its 9th Board of Directors. As result of a unanimous vote, Mr. Kai-Hung Hu, the Chairman of AIDC, was elected Chairman of TAIA and Mr. Wan-June Ma, the President of AIDC, was elected Executive Director of TAIA.

Following In the election, Chairman Hu extended his gratitude to former Chairman Liao for his contributions to the promotion of aerospace industry and TAIA, and expressed appreciation to Mr. Walter Shen, the Chairman of Topkey Corporation, for serving as acting Chairman of TAIA for the past two months. Chairman Hu also thanked all the members, directors and supervisors of TAIA for their support and encouragement. Aside from expressing his gratitude and appreciation for support in his election, Chairman Hu focused upon shouldering the responsibility in leading the members of TAIA to form a national team to achieve better outcomes and to win battles in international market.

TAIA has achieved numerous and significant results. More than 40 members have realized the benefit which TAIA offers and have joined TAIA over the course of the past three years which have led to steady growth in the production value of Taiwan’s aerospace industry which exceeded 120 billion NT dollars in 2018, representing a growth rate exceeding 10%. If the trend continues, the production value of aerospace industry in Taiwan is expected to surpass 200 billion NT dollars in the next five years. In response to the government’s policy to develop indigenous defense systems, the TAIA has built a military aircraft supply chain comprised of approximately 150 domestic supply chain partners and has cultivated over a thousand talented technicians and employees in jobs within the aerospace arena. TAIA has convened Annual Taiwan Aerospace Industry and Policy Forum for four consecutive years. Senior Executives, managers and scholars from international aerospace industry have been participating in the forum to share their opinions and their views and suggestions on the future of the international aerospace industry and steps Taiwan must consider to further transform and expand Taiwan’s participation in the aerospace industry. TAIA has formed the A-Team 4.0 and has provided the industry with education and training to integrate the industry supply chain and to enhance the overall production capacity and efficiency in order to improve competitiveness of Taiwan’s aerospace industry in international market.

Chairman Hu emphasized that the mission of TAIA is to pursue the best interests of its members through coordinating efforts within the industry. He also assured the members that TAIA will continue to build on the existing foundation and will continue to score new heights for the growth of the Taiwan aerospace industry.