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AIDC Holds Memorial Ceremony Honoring General Wu, Ke-Cheng

AIDC Holds Memorial Ceremony Honoring General Wu, Ke-Cheng
AIDC, the manufacturer of the IDF, held a series of events on July 12, 2019. The events started with the 28th Annual Memorial Ceremony for the passing of General Wu, Ke-Cheng and was followed by a donation ceremony to the Ta-Peng Foundation and an IDF Flight Hour Certificate presentation ceremony. Family members of General Wu, including Mrs. Wu, two sons and a grandson along with representatives from the Hua’s Aero Industry Development Foundation, General Wu’s Air Force Academy classmates, friends, and pilots from the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing and the ROCAF’s Aerospace Technology Research & Development Center (ATRDC) gathered to lay flowers in front of General Wu’s memorial statue to honor and commemorate his distinguished service and unselfish contributions to his country. The ceremony also presented an opportunity for attendees participating in engineering, research & development and flight test on the IDF and the AJT that is scheduled to roll out this year to collaborate for the future development of Taiwan’s national defense and its expanding aerospace industry.

Twenty eight years ago on July 12, 1991, the then Colonel Wu, Ke-Cheng conducted a low-altitude, high-speed flight test maneuver on the F-CK-1A 10002 prototype. While conducting critical IDF flight test to collect vital flight test data, a catastrophic failure occurred. Colonel Wu made a valiant effort to recover his fighter until it was too late for a safe emergency egress from his IDF which he did not survive. After the fatal incident, Colonel Wu was recognized for his heroism and sacrifice and was posthumously promoted to Major General of the ROCAF.

General Wu was the first test pilot to achieve 9Gs in the IDF. His personal sacrifice for the greater good was admired by all. Thanks to General Wu, valuable parameters were acquired which led to enhancements in systematic design and engineering analysis. Combined with numerous flight tests followed and further opening of the flight envelope, the potential resonance anomaly on the IDF prototype was solved which enhanced IDF effectiveness as a fighter and in turn assured IDF program success. At the ceremony, a senior engineer who participated in the initial research and improvement of IDF flight test addressed the attendees providing insights on improvements following the F-CK-1A 10002 prototype flight test incident to prevent or significantly lessen tragic occurrences in the future.

Later on the same day, the donation ceremony to the Ta-Peng Foundation was held during which a donation was received by the foundation chairman, Mr. Tang, Fei. This was the 4th time that AIDC had the privilege to make a donation to the Ta-Peng Foundation, an organization promotes among other worthy objectives the enhancing of morale in the ROC Air Force community by holding charitable education activities and setting up scholarships to encourage excellent academic performance and to help children of ROCAF members who have been lost in performing their duty with their college or university education. AIDC, in serving its purpose of contributing to the society, will continue to care for those in need and to give back to the society.

Following was the IDF Flight Hour Certificate presentation ceremony during which AIDC awarded certificates for achieving 1000 IDF flight hours to 15 pilots from the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing and the ATRDC of the ROCAF, which not only marks a milestone in their flight careers but also is given in gratitude for their exceptional skills and capabilities as fighter pilots in the IDF.