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Aerospace A-Team 4.0 Alliance Promotes Lean Techniques and Karakuri Kaizen

The Taiwan Aerospace Industry A-Team 4.0 Alliance held its 3rd Lean Result Presentation at Magnate Technology Corporation on July 17, 2019. The presentation was attended by a total of 40 companies and over 80 alliance members. During the presentation, Lean and Kaizen experiences and case studies were presented by companies in a variety of industries. AIDC shared the Kaizen methodology which it successfully incorporated in its engine casing manufacturing. U-Cheer reported it had reduced its product scrap rate by establishing packaging specifications. LCY Chemical cited it had experienced decreasing (pilot) fuel consumption. Magnate Technology described how it reduced preparation time prior to operating a coordinate measuring machine. Corporate Synergy Development Center (CSDC) introduced the government’s subsidy programs and encouraged the alliance members to take advantage of the resources offered by the government to enhance overall competitiveness of the industry.

AIDC’s Chairman Hu, Kai-Hung, who also serves as the President of the Alliance, pointed out that the two key factors to successful implementation of Lean and Kaizen methods lie in the resolve of company management and the incorporation of the methods into corporate strategy and culture. In addition to inviting CSDC to offer relevant courses, AIDC also took part in nationwide continuous improvement competitions and encouraged the alliance members to follow suit. AIDC will arrange future presentations to promote Karakuri Kaizen method among the alliance members.

In compliance with the government’s call for promoting Taiwan’s aerospace industry, at the 2019 Paris Air Show this June, the Taiwan Aerospace Industry Association (TAIA) invited a list of corporations, including AIDC, the NCSIST, Tongtai Group, Min-Chun Precision and ASHUN Fluid Power, to participate in the Taiwan Booth to display and highlight Taiwan’s capabilities and achievements in civil aircraft and aircraft engines in order to raise international visibility and awareness of the competitiveness of Taiwan’s aerospace industry in the global market. Besides learning from successful cases observed at the Paris Air Show, Taiwan’s aerospace industry may confidently embrace Lean and Kaizen practices to enhance the industry’s competitiveness and expand its participation as a world-class aerospace cluster in international aerospace supply chains.