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Business Matching between Taiwan and France Aerospace Industries

To promote industrial exchange and cooperation between Taiwan and France, the Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC), Taiwan Aerospace Industry Association (TAIA), French Office in Taipei and GIFAS the French Aerospace Industries Association met on Monday October 14, 2019 at AIDC’s Hsiang-Yuan Complex to engage in a business matching event, in which 6 aerospace firms from France took the opportunity to meet with over 15 companies from Taiwan’s aerospace industrial community.

The French participants in the event included GIFAS members, Latécoère, Loiretech, Safran, Style & Design and Texpart Technologies.

The business matching event began with introduction and keynote speeches from TAIA Chairman Hu, Kai-Hung and Mr. Alain Berder the Head of the Economic Department of the French Office in Taipei. During the event the Committee for Aviation and Space Industry Development of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, GIFAS, AIDC, and participants from French aerospace industries gave presentations on the current development of aerospace industries in France and Taiwan respectively and shared their insights on opportunities for business cooperation. Through the exchanges, the participants developed a better understanding of the business environment, manufacturing and technical capabilities of the two countries.

TAIA Chairman Hu, Kai-Hung suggested that TAIA learn from the French aerospace industry to improve its information transparency, complete its organization and functions and work closely with the government.

AIDC has delivered to French customers exceeding 200 million euros worth of orders over the past 5 years and has procured exceeding 20 million euros worth of materials from nearly 40 suppliers in France. As the business cooperation between the two industries have expanded and Taiwan’s aerospace industry has enhanced production efficiency through actively developing smart manufacturing, we look forward to creating more business opportunities between the two countries and working together to overcome future challenges.