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AIDC and CAL Sign Cooperation Memorandum of Intent for a New Pattern of Aviation Maintenance

The Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) and China Airlines Ltd. (CAL) signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) on November 28, 2019 for the enhancement of; aviation maintenance, engine maintenance, aircraft cabin instrumentation; and to strengthen international competition.

The LOI was signed by CAL Chairman Shih-Chien Hsieh and AIDC Chairman Kai-Hung Hu, which was witnessed by Transportation and Communications Minister Shia-Lung Lin and Economic Affairs Minister Jong-Chin Shen.

AIDC Chairman Hu conveyed special thanks to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications as well as to the Ministry of Economic Affairs for their guidance and support. AIDC and CAL will conduct technical exchanges on aircraft maintenance and will combine their respective capabilities to expand or enhance their businesses.

The signing of the LOI is a milestone in establishing collaborations between the leading domestic air transport brand, China Airlines and AIDC, the leading aerospace manufacturer in Taiwan. As an aircraft user, CAL will provide valuable information to AIDC for continued upgrading of; design, technology and performance. AIDC will provide engineering capabilities, tools and services to CAL to achieve a win-win situation.

Chairman Hu cited the close cooperation between AIDC and China Airlines will contribute to accelerating the development of Taiwan’s domestic aircraft and engine maintenance & repair, aircraft interiors, airline seat development and cabin modification to meet customers’ needs for customization. Such cooperation creates the most trust worthiest aircraft maintenance team which also forms another training platform for achieving the government's Aircraft-Built-Domestically policy.

Aircraft modification projects usually involve considerable changes to the aircraft structure. China Airlines, with FAA-certified maintenance plants, maintains world-class standards in maintenance technology and equipment capabilities. Prior to actual aircraft modification, the process of engineering design must be performed which is similar to the development of new aircraft. AIDC is well-known for its capabilities in the design and manufacture of aircraft, which will be of great benefit.

AIDC has made outstanding achievements in both design and manufacture of military and commercial aircraft as well as with turbine engines. In recent years, it has made breakthroughs in R&D design concepts, and has continued to expand its self-manufacture capabilities and has expanded product lines into commercial airline seats. The AIDC brand 16G commercial airline seats have received the Technical Standard Order Authorization (TSOA) from the Civil Aeronautics Administration in 2017, and this year, have received the Letter of Design Approval (LODA) by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States. Both of these certificates mean AIDC-made airline seats have satisfied international safety and other standards. The follow-on marketing and sales for its own branded commercial aircraft seats to the international markets will be one of AIDC’s priorities in its business collaborations with CAL.