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Taiwan Advanced Composite Center (TACC) was inaugurated

With a more than 2 billion NT dollar investment and a 1.5-year construction, the Taiwan Advanced Composite Center (TACC) was inaugurated at 10:30a.m. on Nov. 25th at AIDC’s Shar-lu complex. The Minister of Economic Affairs Shih Yen-shiang, Taichung County Magistrate Huang Chung-Sheng, Legislator Yang Chiung-ying, representatives of AIDC’s 24 business associates from eight countries, executives from local suppliers and local representatives were all present at the ceremony. The Grand Opening of the TACC marked a significant milestone in Taiwan’s aerospace as well as to the advancement of composite materials development.
On Nov. 24th, the day before the TACC’s Grand Opening ceremony, AIDC held a turnkey ceremony for the capital equipment, the autoclave. Hosted by Chairman Shung and attended by AIDC staff, the ceremony went smoothly and ended with the closure of autoclave door that signified a good start with future operations running at full capacity.
At the Grand Opening ceremony, Chairman Shung, Minister Shih and Legislator Yang delivered congratulatory speeches. Then as a Chinese tradition to chase away the evil spirits and bring in good fortune, a lion dance and drum performance by Hsi Shih neighborhood added a festive atmosphere which impressed the foreign guests very much. Following that, the TACC was unveiled and officially opened to the world.
Chairman Shung cited that it was only August of last year the TACC had its groundbreaking ceremony and January this year was the beam placement ceremony held, and that he was deeply impressed with the quick completion of construction and high efficiency in obtaining the usage license. He expressed his appreciation to all the AIDC staff and to the Kun Han Architects and Li-Jin Engineering Co. Chairman Shung also announced to all the guests that “AIDC IS READY” and assured to the 24 business associates from 8 countries, namely US, France, Germany, England, Italy, Canada, Japan and Singapore, that AIDC will provide the best products to meet their Quality, Performance and Budget needs.
Minister Shih further underlined the significance of the TACC which marked a new era for Taiwan’s composite industry. He cited, “The aerospace industry is the engine driving high-tech industries. It works as the catalyst that leads the development of the fundamental industries and promotes the national economy. And its correlation effect serves to bring in 10 to 15 times the output of the industry itself. The opening of the TACC puts our aerospace industry in line with global counterparts. AIDC has rich human resources and extensive capabilities to fulfill your requirements. Therefore you can rest assured to place your orders with AIDC.” Minister also expressed his anticipation to AIDC for: (1) keeping both military and commercial businesses in parallel development; (2) keeping R&D and coproduction on dual tracks; and (3) upholding the highest quality and delivery standards while reducing costs and enhancing efficiency. In conclusion, he gave his best wishes for a flourishing business and prosperity to the TACC.
The TACC is aimed to become the hub for research and development, design, manufacturing and assembly of composite materials for Taiwan’s aerospace industry and surrounding region. 210 meters long and 120 meters wide, the TACC is a four-story environmental-friendly green building. In addition to the building itself, the TACC is equipped with advanced facilities including for example; autoclaves, 5-axis CNC machine, 3D ultrasonic inspection system specifically intended for production of high-end aerospace composite parts. The Main work area on the fourth floor has a ceiling height of ten meters and is sufficient for production of large aircraft parts.
Taking the opportunity of the opening of the TACC, AIDC held its Domestic Supplier Summit in that same afternoon.

AIDC cited that the AS9100 certification has been recognized as a basic requirement of the global aerospace quality management system. 20% of its suppliers have been certified and AIDC continues to provide guidance to others with the certification process.

While global aerospace market forecasts positive growth, AIDC saw a small increase in outsourcing value in CY 2010 as compared to that of the previous year and it is estimated that the revenue value will return to the scale of CY 2008 in the year of 2012.

As a favorable offer to the suppliers, AIDC announced that the period for preferential rate for post-processes (including surface treatment, fluorescents inspection, heat treatment) will be extended for one more year to the end of CY 2011 and AIDC shall continue to assist local aerospace suppliers with orders and that the preferential rate shall be based on variable costs.