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Strategic Alliance MOU Signing Ceremony between AIDC and LMC

The Strategic Alliance MOU signing ceremony between AIDC and LMC for creating an F-16 Logistic and Maintenance facility was held on December 17 at the AIDC's Sharlu complex. The ceremony was witnessed by Premier Su Tseng-Chang of the Executive Yuan.

AIDC Chairman Hu Kai-Hung stated the F-16 has shouldered the major responsibility of the air defense ofTaiwan for the past 20 years. Chairman Hu also stated the signing of the MOU with LMC is a significant beginning and expressed the hope with the guidance of the government's national defense independence policy, that production and maintenance of fighter aircraft can be localized.

Chairman Hu further pointed out that currently AIDC has more than 800 technical personnel who are qualified and certified by Lockheed Martin for undertaking the F-16 fighter performance enhancement. In addition, AIDC has obtained 11 special process certifications from LMC, and is an authorized manufacturer of 23 items of F-16 fighter-related Components and wiring harnesses, in addition to more than 50 certificates of competence from LMC. AIDC is LMC's the closest professional partner in Taiwan.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen had earlier visited AIDC in August of this year, LMC's on-site program manager stated to the president that AIDC's team is one of the best teams in the world." This praise was indeed an honor for Taiwan's Aviation Technology and Industry.

The Legislative Yuan also passed resolutions when reviewing the special budget regulations for aircraft purchases, hoping to increase domestic production projects and to establish related energy through industrial cooperation plans, and requested the establishment of F-16 fleet maintenance centers in Asia. Since AIDC is as a major leader of Taiwan aerospace industry in Taiwan, AIDC will actively participate in parts production and technology transfer through LMC. It is hoped the F-16 Logistic and Maintenance facility will be operational as soon as possible thereby becoming an Air Force F-16 fleet maintenance center in support of ROC Air Force.