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AIDC Launches Charter Flight Services


On the first day of 2011 AIDC launched its maiden business charter flight from Taichung City to Kinmen Island, marking the beginning of AIDC’s business aviation services. The flight used the Gulfstream Astra Spx business jet AIDC acquired in 2000.

The Gulfstream Astra Spx, now re-designated as a G100, is a 7-seater business jet capable of flying up to 2,700 nautical miles (5,000 km) at altitudes up to 45,000-ft (13,700 meters) and at speeds up to 0.87 Mach.

In addition to business charter service, AIDC uses the Gulfstream jet to provide flight services including airborne tow target for training of the armed forces, aerial land surveys, atmospheric measurements, typhoon surveillance, etc.

AIDC is planning to operate charter flights between the airports in Taiwan as well as major Asian cities such as Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City and Manila.

AIDC has also set its sights on the cross-strait routes and anticipates that Taiwan and China would work out a mechanism under which cross-strait business charters could operate in the near future.

To provide passengers with private, safe, economical and personalized services, AIDC has formed an alliance with Autolease Inc. and is working to establish cross-industry collaboration. For information about AIDC exclusive business charter services, please contact Mr. Chen at Tel. No.: 0937-755287.