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AIDC broke through barriers and was awarded Bombardier’s Diamond Supplier Certification

Taiwan aviation leader AIDC (2634) has recently received good news from Canadian aerospace group Bombardier. Through the strict selection criteria for Bombardier's Diamond suppliers, Bombardier affirmed AIDC's excellent performance in terms of product performance and overall competitiveness in 2019, and was selected one of Bombardier's diamond suppliers for 2019. AIDC was also invited to participate in the Virtual Diamond Supplier Award Ceremony organized by Bombardier on July 8, 2020. The chairman, Kai-Hung “Moudy” Hu, led the commercial senior vice president, Gary Lo, and the relevant executives to receive the award.

Bombardier is a multinational aerospace group that is a leader in the business jet market. In recent years, Bombardier has focused on the development of business jets, and continues to promote the establishment of high-performance global supply chain to exceed customers’ expectations. With the award of the Diamond Supplier certification, Bombardier strengthens relationships.

AIDC has been involved in the development and manufacturing of the rear fuselage section of the Challenger 350 aircraft, and has had a cooperative relationship with Bombardier for more than 20 years. AIDC was awarded Diamond Supplier certification for the rear fuselage, vertical tail, horizontal tail, rudder, elevator and other main structural components of the Challenger 350 business jet. During the cooperation with Bombardier, AIDC has fully supported Bombardier's expectations and requirements in terms of quality, delivery, and product competitiveness. The award of the Diamond Supplier certification affirmed AIDC's long-term efforts as AIDC looks forward to continued work and new opportunities with Bombardier.

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