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AIDC Vehicle Information System provides solutions for telematics industry

Following the debut of the CAN Bus integration platform last year, this year at the 2011 AutoTronics Taipei, AIDC AutoTronic Design Center presented their Vehicle Information System (VIS), a new product capable of diagnosis and wireless communication.

A combination of body control system, multi-purpose display system (MPDS) and CAN Bus diagnostic system, the VIS can be linked with various autotronic products and provides the driver with CAN Bus information such as speed, engine running speed, fuel quantity, fuel consumption, battery voltage, water temperature, fault messages, tire pressure alert and rear view video on a MPDS that can be operated manually or automatically with ease. The 1st generation VIS has proven successful application on heavy trucks, buses, engineering trucks, and has been initiated for application in sedans.

In addition, the automatic trouble diagnostic function can detect and compensate for short circuits or overload problems. Component failure alerts can be displayed on the meter or MPDS. When in wireless communication module, fault messages can be relayed to the remote maintenance station which not only shortens inspection and logistic preparation times, but also increases automobile availability and at the same time achieves the objectives for greater safety, better energy saving, less carbon emissions and lower maintenance cost.

With the latest technologically advanced functions, AIDC's VIS provides the most comprehensive solution to Taiwan's Telematics Industry.