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AIDC Collaborates with TAV to Develop Electric Bus

AIDC has launched another new business and entered the electric bus market with TAV (Tangeng Advanced Vehicles Co., Ltd.). By collaboration with TAV, a new low floor electric bus is in development.

AIDC Chairman “Moudy Hu” and TAV Chairman “I-Chun Tang” signed the cooperation agreement on Jun. 8, 2021 to build a business alliance that focuses on light structural components, system components, key modules of automotive electronics and wiring. Together, AIDC and TAV will develop domestic and international markets.

AIDC Chairman “Moudy Hu” indicated that deploying electric vehicle is a global consensus for improving CO2 emissions and fuel efficiency. The cooperation will focus in developing light-weight structures and localization of key modules of automotive electronics. “Our actions need to be quick,” Moudy Hu said. He further noted that the VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) is also the core for this cooperation agreement.

TAV is the largest rail cars and truck manufacturers in Taiwan, and this collaboration will achieve the government’s goal of bus’s electricalization and localization in 2030. AIDC and TAV will develop the only low floor electric bus made of aluminum alloy within 7 months and release in Q1, 2022. By releasing the product, both parties will put together efforts to enter the USA, Japan and other international markets, polishing the brand of Made in Taiwan.

In this collaboration, AIDC introduces the aerospace composite materials and avionics techniques to civilian production. The avionics is adopted in the design of automotive electronics network and the key modules of automotive electronics. In terms of the composite material, AIDC’s Advanced Composite Center, well-rounded in developing, designing, manufacturing and assembling aerospace composite materials, came in handy to support the development of the new electric bus.

In recent years, global warming has become a pressing issue to every country. Energy saving and carbon emission reduction concern not only governments but also enterprises as well. The urgency to reduce carbon emission has prompted electric vehicle market. We look forward to the future business opportunities!